Commentary-Being in a College Class

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Pencil and eraser on Paper

By Kalia

Have you ever wondered what an actual college class was like? Well did you know that if you’re in high school or going into high school you can join a community college for a super low fee? Signing up for a community college is great, especially in the summer because if you take a class that relates to any courses in high school it can be used as credits. For example I took a six-week Spanish class in the summer and it counted for two years of taking in Spanish high school; which I hadn’t started at the time, but if you expect it to be easy. You’re wrong. Really wrong. Keep in mind it still has the word college in it.

My class had people ages thirteen to forty nine. The classes are really hard. Since my class was only six weeks I had to learn so much Spanish in such a short amount of time. We had a big test at the end of every week. For the first test I had to study all kinds of things that including clothing, colors, numbers 1-40, verbs, expressions, and family members. I learned all of that in one class that was four hours a day and three times a week. I remember being so surprised how rigorous the class was. I definitely wasn’t expecting this.

Overall my college experience was great. I felt more prepared for high school in the sense of studying hard and taking it seriously. I think taking a class at the community college is a great idea for anyone who is looking to get ahead in life.

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