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SCENE: I was in a relationship with a boy that goes to my school. We started going out in the beginning of June. We had a good relationship, sometimes there were arguments but then we came back together and talked about it. We did almost everything together, hung out at lunch and afterschool, talked on the phone for hours at night, face timed; we did the whole 9. He had really bad trust issues because of his past relationships, but I showed him that I wasn’t like that, and it took him a while to figure that out. He would go through my phone, tell me I couldn’t talk to certain people, he was just really over protective, but I didn’t mind it at all because I didn’t have anything to hide. I got to a point where the feelings I had for him were really strong and I couldn’t let him go. The reason we broke up was…….to be honest I don’t know the real reason on why we broke up. But the same day we broke up was the same day he got back with his ex, and this is the same ex that cheated on him and did him so dirty. I was so hurt and cried for two days, and didn’t know what to do with myself. We talked about it and he said he was sorry and he wanted to start over, but then all of a sudden he stopped talking to me and didn’t even look at me. We’ve been broken up for almost two weeks, and I was really going through it. I talked to people about it and they were there for me, and it took me a minute to really get over him. I was depressed and I was breaking down from the inside out, and that was the worse feeling ever. I was just so confused and lost. This person was and still is important to me, someone that I really care about, and someone that I was there for and that was there for me, and to not share those feelings anymore is one of the worst feelings someone could ever feel. I’m not depressed or sad anymore, in fact I’m very happy. I’ve learned to get over, and it is what it is. We are friends now, and talk here and there. As long as I’m not depressed and I’m back to that old Amari that’s all that matters.

IMPORTANT/INSIGHT: I learned how to accept things for what they are, it’s ok to cry, but there is a point in time where you have to stop and grow up and not even trip. At the end of the day you have to make sure that you’re happy inside and out, and you shouldn’t let someone else control or take away your happiness and that is something I learned.

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