Commentary: Debating On The Internet

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By. Darrell

Ever since I got on a computer I’ve been debating someone. I’ve always had a thing for arguments, and I’m always entertained with the height, which arguments can intensify. I don’t necessarily arouse arguments, but I’m always one to jump into the mud-slinging. It’s a commonality to see the argument turn into a mere cursing match. However by that time I’m well away from the debate anyway. In such arguments, you’re commonly called a ‘troll’ or an ‘idiot’ for not agreeing, and i have no such issue with it. I think its petty and an attempt at ‘last minute efforts’, but i do find enjoyment in other people’s plights regarding the topic.

There are downsides to these debates and it’s when it wades into harmful categories. I’ve witnessed others become extremely emotional on the Internet and make foolish statements, which destroy any online character they had. The biggest issue is when they make a connection between themselves in the digital world, and themselves in the real world—which is the biggest mistake many people could possibly make. Unless you intend to have some publicity on the subject.  I remember one instance where we were debating Internet neutrality, and a girl had made a fool of herself when she argued that the government would put us in better hands regarding censorship.

After being ganged up on a losing, she went on this cursing storm on YouTube and she became a minor celebrity who was mocked for her stupidity. She had photos of herself online and she disconnected from most social networks we knew her on. Its important to remember that what happens on the web tends to stay on the web, and that if you’re going to be really active—don’t always reveal your identity on websites so freely. Be anonymous or make something up, you can be traced.

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