Commentary: First Day Of School

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School Bus
By Jioni

Summer is ending and school is starting soon. The first day of school, more like the first two weeks because they are very important. It’s important because you have to look cute. It’s a must. There will be a bunch of new faces to impress, and its important to give a good first impression.

Myself I like to impress and be the one that stands out. I want to be the one everybody talking about saying things like she’s cute and her outfit is on point. First day of school is like a runway show, everyone is looking at what you’re wearing & is it the latest clothes or shoes out.

Teenagers these days are more worried about how they look and not their education. Yes guys I might sound like a hypocrite, but while I’m being cute I’m also handling my responsibilities. I not only want to be that cute girl. I also want to be that cute smart girl.

Besides fashion on the first day of school, there are people that are very nervous and scared. If you’re new to the school you will usually feel that way. It sucks to be a new kid. Especially if its hard for you to fit in.For the first two weeks you’re usually trying to find a friend to make so you wont be alone. For me, naw, I have none of those worries.

I attended Hayward High last year so I have friends, but even if I didn’t and I was considered a “new kid,” I would never be too much worried about making friends. Friends are not something I need, but they are nice to have.  Most of them aren’t real anyways. If I don’t have friends I always know I have myself.

I’m more than ready for school. Are you?



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