Commentary: Graffiti

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By Jaylonie B.

Graffiti was first done in the ancient civilization by the Egyptians.  In the 1960’s, a guy named “Cornbread” was the first guy to do modern graffiti. He painted his art on an airplane and was the father of modern graffiti. In the 1970’s, a guy named Kase 2 brought style to the art and 2 girls named Eva and Barbra were the first females to do graffiti art. I got all this information from a graffiti class at my high school.

Graffiti was for hip-hop and in the 1980’s a guy named Lee invented subway art in New York. Lee is famous for putting “I love you mom” on his artwork.  Also in the 80’s the Bay Area was rated #2 for the best graffiti style in the world. The dream, who went to Encinal High School, painted a mural of New York and the Bay Area during their beef. That same mural brought peace to the two cities.

At my new school, Base High School in Alameda, my teacher Eustinove Smith, you may know him as “omen2,” made a big announcement saying that the class is going to take a trip to Mexico and do graffiti.  We have all the money to go thanks to Marsh Awn Lynch, Tony Gonzalez and the one and only KRS-one. This was a big announcement to me because I always wanted to go there when I was little to visit my grandma.

grafftiThis trip will teach us about where graffiti comes from originally and we can also see the traditions of graffiti.  Everybody used to say that graffiti was not art and that it was trash but now you can see graffiti art in museums all over the world. According to the movie style wars, graffiti painters could just put their signature on a piece of paper and people who buy it for 2 million dollars. I want people to know how far back graffiti goes in history.

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