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By Cristo

Good afternoon. Today I’m going to talk about a experience I had on Saturday the date was July 19, 2014.  Around 6:00 AM we had to wake up and have breakfasWhen we got in San Quet. We left the house at 7:00 AM. 4971375892_dd3494e0df_o. When we got in San Quentin, one of the biggest prison in California at 9AM, we got searched for drugs. Out in the yard in there was some drop-outs.  They tried to act hard but I just laughed. He told me you think this is funny? You want to be here? They took us around the court yard and we went to this room and there was 4 other gang members. I don’t remember their names I only remembered David Monroe from Stockton because we had a familiar story. He was a cool guy. He told me not to follow his steps. It really got to me and at around 12 we had lunch. It was a pb&j sandwich- hella nasty and some wannabe corn nuts. After lunch we went to the 2nd floor and they locked us up in a cell for 10 minutes. David asked me if I liked it in there and to imagine being there for 17 years. I didn’t like that room because it smelled bad. Then he showed me the showers and how its divided between the Mexicans, Blacks, and Asians. The cops showed us how they do an intake and what they do to the clothes we came in with. He told me they donate them or give them to family. This experience meant a lot because of the consequences of your actions.

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