Create Your Own Success

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7408506410_c1ed04a0d0_o-2By Stella

When I say success, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? For some, the first thing might be 6 digits in their bank account, a huge mansion, or a fancy and expensive car.

Why is that? Why do we put material possessions above all else? We do this because the media, things like television, magazines, and movies, are constantly putting an image of what success looks like and establishing a norm that not everyone might want.Reality shows like, keeping up with the kardashians, are setting up the expectation of what a successful family looks like: big houses and cars.

I don’t find things like material possessions fulfilling nor meaningful. Success is being happy and content with yourself and what you do. I would rather have a career that I love and make less money than to be rich and miserable doing a career that I am expected to do and hate. With that being said, everyone should put their own personal well being above societal expectations.

Create your own definition about what success is instead of letting others create it for you, and strive to achieve something that you want rather than something you are expected to.

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