Dance is More Than a Hobby

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By Dayonna

When you hear dancer, what do you think of? Ballerina? Well that’s not me, but dance is a big part of my life. Dancing is like a second nature to me. It’s just something I’ve been doing since before I could talk. I started dancing when I was seven. First hip hop class in my life. I LOVED it. Meeting new people and dancing to songs I know all the words to is a wonderful experience. It doesn’t just end there though. Growing up with family who has participated in Carnavals all over the world was an advantage if you ask me. Raised with the values and morals of a Trinidadian, I soon began to find an interest in my own culture. Starting at a young age filled with excitement and curiosity, I began training to become a Caribbean Folk dance and Masquerader. Learning how to preform and lead a section in San Francisco Carnaval is not the beginning of the lessons learned. Being a dancer is so much bigger then yourself. You have to learn how to become one with the music and the people you work with. Dancing with family makes that a blessing and a curse. Having to deal with my aunty constantly being on my back about how high my kicks are, how low my wine is, and anything else possible to complain about is nothing compared to knowing I’m on stage moving to the same rhythm and enjoying the same dance as my cousins. Dancing is more than just an exercise or a hobby to me. It’s a precious piece of my life that brings me closer to my family and roots. I feel everyone should find something that brings their family together. 3699123597_437dc16eb4_o

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