Dark Sky Paradise Review

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Big Sean is a 28-year-old rap artist from Santa Monica, California. He was born in Santa Monica but raised in Detroit, Michigan, living with his mother and grandma.

Before Big Sean became famous, he started off going to the radio station “WHTD” and would go there to participate in the rap battles weekly. In 2005, Kanye West was doing an interview and his friend told him about it. Sean thought it was a waste of time to go at first but later he thought about going and went. Big Sean rushed down there and gave Kanye a 16 bar freestyle and Kanye liked it. After he gave Kanye a few bars, he left his mix tape for Kanye West to hear, two years later Big Sean was signed to Kanye West record label G.O.O.D Music.

Big Sean’s upcoming album “Dark Sky Paradise” is releasing on February 24,2015. This album features Kanye West, Drake, Jhene Aiko, E-40 and many more. I feel that Big Sean has grown a little bit more on the album than he did on his last album “Hall of Fame”. Which was released on August 27,2013Sunset Paradise .

Although Big Sean’s album hasn’t released yet, he has a few songs out and I must say “Blessings”, “Paradise”, and “One Man Can Change the World”, grabbed my attention so far. The song “Blessings” has a slow beat that is similar to trap music.

A song that I didn’t really find attention grabbing was “You Win Some, You Lose Some” but other than that, the album is pretty good. I suggest this album to people who listen to rap music and people who like songs that give you chill and good vibes.


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