Dealing With Divorce

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Going through a parent divorce might have been one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. Not only were my parents divorcing but I also had to move from Southern California to the Bay Area and live with my mom.

What about all my friends? What about my dad? I wouldn’t be able to see my dad as much, so I was very upset and confused for the first year I was living here. Then I realized that hiding my feelings wasn’t the answer; I had to go get help.

I had to share with my family about my feelings because they were sad about the family being split up too. If you don’t feel comfortable sharing with your family talk to a counselor or even friends.

After I had some deep talks with my family and even some of my friends I realized that I wasn’t alone. I talked to a lot of my friends at school and realized their parents were divorced too. Not only did I not feel as sad about the divorce, I also made new friends, smiled more and overall became a better person.

So if you are someone out there who feels empty or alone because your parents have divorced, you aren’t because there is a lot of people who are just like you. Don’t take it on all by yourself it is not the answer to getting over a divorce that wasn’t your fault. I know it might not be easy to talk about your feelings, especially if you have not done it before or are not used to it.

If it feels impossible for you to talk about your feelings, write it down first or even practice saying it into a mirror before you talk about it. You could also write a note to your family about how you feel about the situation if after doing these things you still are not comfortable.

I remember when I was going through it I always felt alone and scared to talk about my feelings. So I kept feelings inside and honestly it started to affect my own happiness and lifestyle. It started to eat away at my feelings. I strongly encourage you to talk to your family, friends or even a counselor because you are not alone, and you can get help.

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