Dear Alameda

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Dear Alameda,

You are such a nice town. You have great schools and  a lot  of old people. When I went to high school I didn’t have to walk a great distances to get home because my house was so close to school. For me living in a pretty good community, I had great opportunity in school and to be noticed for a lot of achievements for sports and school academic, because we lived in such a small town. This put me at an advantage compared to friends that went to Oakland schools. My friends in Oakland had to deal with gang- violence. I enjoyed  school because I had friends that played sports and had some of the same goals I had so my parents had no problems with me hanging out with them. Some of my friends live in Oakland and Berkeley which are populated cities. My mom would get mad at me because we hung out late after football and basketball games. I under stood why she would get mad at me because there were a lot of arguments that would turn into fights and a lot of people would hang out on the street. Oakland is stereotyped to be a violent city, Alameda is the good city. You wouldn’t think any city near Oakland can be good but Alameda is diverse and has a lot of nice people. When you’re in high school you learn you can be yourself. I don’t go out  a lot but if I did like most people who come to Alameda it would be for going to the beach or shopping. I have been living in Alameda for some years now. I plan to live here a long time with my family. It is a good community and is great a place to live.



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