Dear Brooklyn

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Coney Island

Dear Brooklyn,

Walking down your streets I always seem to run into a bunch of different people, such as homeless people, drug addicts and ghetto people. However, everyone is treated the same. In the summer time tourists and other residents from other boroughs come to Coney Island to see the hot dog eating contest on the 4th of July, and to enjoy the fireworks on the boardwalk, while watching colors burst everywhere such as pinks, purples, greens, blues and golds. Watching the fireworks is just like watching a 3-D movie with all the colors coming your way.

Tourists also go to your amazing amusement parks and enjoy the hot sand and cool beach water. In my neighborhood of Coney Island if I were to take a walk down the street I’d see a lot of buildings known, as “the projects.” Walking down your streets of Coney Island is very simple; the streets consist of just one straight avenue.

The streets are divided into three different avenues, but they all go up and down. The avenue names are Surf, Mermaid, and Neptune. Mermaid Avenue is very busy. Neptune Avenue is very quiet because nothing really goes on there; to me it’s very boring. Surf Avenue is quiet and busy all at the same time. When I’m walking down the street I’ll see kids walking to school, and the B36 bus rushing down the streets as fast as a cheetah to get kids to school, and in time for breakfast. Other than that, nothing big really happens on Surf Avenue. Walking down Mermaid Avenue I’d see the B74 taking its time to get to Stillwell Avenue where the train station is located. You’ll also see a bunch of people lined up at McDonald’s early in the morning looking like a mob of zombies, because they’re so tired. On Surf Avenue you smell fresh bread being made at the bakery, the bread always tastes as good as it smells. In addition to your wonderful bread aroma, I also see people walking their dogs and parents taking their children to the clinic.

But something I dread about you New York, is that your subways are disgrace. They always reek of nasty smells, gets over crowded, and are germ infested. That is why I only take the subway when I need to. Other than that I just stick to riding the bus. Now that I live in Oakland, I really miss minor things in your city that made me happy. Such as, the seasons, the rides, getting on the subway, and best of all getting to be with my family and friends. It was very difficult to adjust to the time difference and the lifestyle out in Oakland. But no matter what you will always be apart of me.



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