Dear Hercules

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Dear Hercules,

I believe as a city, you are beautiful. You have many qualities, but along with your qualities come your many flaws. You have generous people and beautiful land all over. Your violence level has gone down rapidly over the past four years. There used to be a lot of drug dealing and robberies going on around the city, but now I’m surprised if I even see drug dealers in my neighborhood.  Hercules as a city itself gives you a lovely outlook on life, simply because of all the opportunities you are given, and all of the new things you can experience once you open yourself up.

I’ve known you for over eight years now, and I genuinely think you are one of the safest cities someone can live in. There are times I’ve had to walk home alone in the middle of the night, and was surprised to make it home safely. I’ve always thought if I put myself in an unsafe position, that something bad would happen to me, but even after eight years nothing out of the ordinary has ever happened, to my surprise. I trust you Hercules, I trust you because I believe there are only people with good hearts that live in you, but I’m not turning a blind eye to all the things that needs improving, like the law enforcement for example.

The Lawmen of Hercules have some issues. They harass innocent people because of bad choices they made in the past. I have 5 brothers that are African Americans who have experienced the  racism in the police officers actions. I’ve noticed racism in Hercules numerous times. For example, my friend and I jay-walked once and were caught by the police. We were stopped while another Japanese couple continued to jay-walk. Although the allegation will forever be denied, actions will always speak louder then words. I honestly feel as though, because nothing illegal is going on in Hercules the law enforcement must find things to do in order to keep themselves occupied. Personally, I don’t think the police do everything they could to maintain the safe and protected civilization want to live in. Not even a week ago, there was an elderly man involved in a hit-and-run, and although he didn’t die it doesn’t make the crime any less harsh. The police still have not came forward with any suspects, and we haven’t heard anything about the investigation since it aired on the news.

As I said before, Hercules you are a beautiful city with many qualities and potential, but I will never turn a blind eye to your many flaws.




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