Dear Oakland

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Dear Oakland,

Why are you making our young people into something they’re not? Heartless with no values or care in the world, they look up to people who aren’t positive examples and just make our community worse. Oakland, you rather worry about what needs to be fixed on the streets, then help the homeless people we see everyday of the week with no place to keep warm. But yet you have ungrateful citizens who complain about the shoes they couldn’t get. Oakland, why is there no justice when it comes to the police and how they racially profile against African American males? I feel that your community members need to take affirmative action instead of complaining. Oakland, you use to be a better place. A place where young people could get on the bus safely, have fun, and play music during the ride. Now when I get on the bus all I hear is teenagers using profanity in front of elderly people. And not being considerate enough when older people can’t find a seat. Oakland, how come when I walk down your streets they always smell like pee. For example, when I walk past stores and churches, the smell of pee circulates. I’m supposed to walk around your community without it smelling bad. What I can say good about you, is that the people in your communities put together fun events. Like, block parties, and movie night at Sunny Side Park on 98th. All the young kids get to tell their friends and family to come and have fun without any drama or fighting. Just good vibes to be around, people you can bond with, and enjoy time with trusted family. Oakland you can be a good place again we just need to support one another and work together to improve you.

Love, Lakingna

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