Dear Yemen

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Dear Yemen…

You are beautiful. You have a lot of mountains with big houses. But its too bad right now because there’s a war over your land for some stupid reasons. The things that I always see from you are weapons (AKs RPGs) and so many guns. This is good because everyone has the ability to protect himself. I appreciate you because theres no racism and all people are helpful. It feels like everyone is playing for the same team. the things that i always hear in Yemen are, gunshots, people cussing , and drifting. They always drift especially when they have nothing to do. But I don’t mind because it’s what makes you interesting. What others might think of as crazy or scary I feel normal around you. Like how any time you can smell gunsmoke simply walking down the street.  I also used to touch AKs, RPGs, cars, money and clips that was just life. The difference between Yemen and the USA is so big. In Yemen the law is not strict. Theres no police like the USA. It feels like the people in the USA don’t care about each other. In Yemen they do care about each other help each other. The private schools in Yemen are not free and the regular schools are free but they don’t really care about education. Actually the government is kind of messed up and thats why they don’t care. I miss you because you are my country and although I’m surviving in my new one, I wish you were only a drive away.





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