‘Denny’s’ Failing Customer Service

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6554347077_2b456f94fd_oBy: Ananda

The first time I went to Denny’s was also my last time going because I didn’t like the customer service. This is my truthful opinion of Denny’s because the advertisements don’t tell you about how long the wait is even when you’re the only one there, they also don’t describe the inside of the restaurant.  

I really dislike Denny’s because they have the worst customer service ever,  from my experience. The food was good… but the service wasn’t. It took them what felt like 55 minutes to bring me my food and I only ordered a cheese and ham omelette with a sprite. I went with my mom and she ordered the same thing as me, which doubled the time it took to make the food so that was understandable.

What really made me upset was I didn’t even get my soda until 20 minutes after ordering it and their staff wasn’t low so I didn’t understand the issue. A few good things about Denny’s is that their food is good, gets you full fast, it’s cheap, and has locations everywhere. But Denny’s has a bad habit of not wiping down the seats and tables after the previous guests leave. I know I’m not speaking for myself when I say this, nobody wants to eat at an unsanitary restaurant.

I wouldn’t recommend Denny’s to anybody unless you need something quick and don’t care about what happens to the food or who was there before you.


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