Detroit’s Idol Speaks

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By Messiah

Sean Michael Lenard Anderson, also known as Big Sean, is an American hip-hop artist. Born in Detroit, Michigan, Big Sean signed with Good Music in 2007.  Good music stands for “Getting Out Our dDreams “ Big Sean released his first album “Finally Famous” in 2011. Since then he has been working hard. He put out one more album named “Hall of Fame” and a mixtape titled “Detroit”.

On September 15th, Big Sean dropped a new mixtape. With only four songs on it, Big Sean still brings all of his skills to the table. The most controversial song on this four-track list is “IDFWU” hands down. Big Sean never confirms the meaning behind this song but the song screams out Naya Rivera, his ex fiancé. The couple split after multiple rumors of Big Sean cheating and stealing a Rolex from Rivera.

In the song Big Sean says ”I heard you got a new man, I see you taken’ a pic 
then you post it up, thinking’ that its making’ me sick / I see you calling, I be making’ it quick 
Imma answer that s** like: “I don’t f*** with you”
. This talks about how within a week of the break up, Rivera got married to Ryan Dorsey. Big Sean is saying that even though she “moved on”, she still keeps calling him.

15178836167_230d7a94c3_o The most beloved track to me is “4th Quarter”. In the song, Big Sean uses multiple double entendres and lines that make you think critically. This song also shows a softer side to Big Sean. For example, he spends his riches on his mother with his line “my mother earlobes so big she can’t hear nun” and also his concerns of his suicidal friend always checking up on him and making sure he is okay. “Jit Juke” is also a high-energy song. This song talks about his focus on money and success

Overall, three of the four songs are great. There’s only one that makes me press the skip button: “Paradise”. I just felt that the chorus and the speed of the verse didn’t match up. Don’t get me wrong, that song is filled with word play but overall, the song was distracting and it’s more of a song I’d play if I wanted to conserve energy on my phone instead of keeping it active. I would encourage everyone (fans of the Good Music Group or not) to give these four songs a chance.

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