Don’t Let People Get Into your Head!!! — Commentary

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By Trevon

484387817_00327c9f60_oYou know, when I was younger I would always let people get into my head. I let them convince me to do things that I knew were wrong and that I didn’t want to do. When I was about 7-8 years old my big brother and his friends would always talk me into doing bad things. For example my brother talked me into stealing candy for him when we ever went to the store. So one day it backfired and I got caught. My brother ended up telling our mom and backstabbing me saying,” He did it on his own when I wasn’t paying attention.” Yeah those exact words got me in trouble and yelled at even though he told me to do it. To me my brother wasn’t the ideal brother you would think of. My brother didn’t even stop his friends from convincing me to get on the roof of my house to get them some plums from the plum tree behind my house. I use to be scared to get on my roof because when it rained  we would have about 2-3 leaks.So I always thought that the roof was fragile. And besides that I would have to find my own way down from the roof and they would never help. So I would jump down from my roof safely. This would happen about 21 times a week. After that I stopped being around my brother and just played games by myself all day. Whenever he would try to tempt me to do something I wouldn’t do it because I had complete control over the way I perceive the things he told and from there on he would never able to persuade to do whatever he wanted me to do. Basically the moral of the story is to not let people get to you and mess with your head because there will always be consequences at the end and to have complete control over your actions, mind, body, and spirit.

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