Dropping Out of School

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By Nancy

Looking back at my days in middle school and high school I remember all those talks and lectures from family and teachers about how dropping out would take me down the worst path in life. I remember thinking about how I was mortified of even missing a few days of school, fearing that it would cause me to get expelled. Now that I’m older and have friends that have left school without achieving a diploma, i see it’s not the worst thing in the world, but it is challenging. I myself have dropped out, but now, at 19 years old, I’m trying to finish a GED program. I still come across dirty looks, distrust, and people looking down at me for leaving school early, as if i was inferior from them or their children because I chose the “easy” way out. There’s a million reasons that factor into someone leaving school, here to explore this topic with me are Malachi 16, Sherry 16, and Sabby 16

-Why do you believe youth drop out of school?

-What’s your view on youth that drop out?school test

-What do you think would help keep youth in school?

-Do you believe youth that drop out are target for negative image?

-Do you think youth that drops out put their futures at risk? Why or why not?

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