Embarrassing Moments

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Has there ever been a time in your life where something dramatically embarrassing has happened to you? Well I’m here to share about my most personal embarrassing moment. One of those moments in my life where I had to just laughs it off. It happened in the middle of humanities class in front of everyone. There was this boy who used to be the class joker or the funny guy. Basically, he created a plan with some other boys in my class to play a prank on me. So in the middle of class I asked to go to the school library.  As I left the class I saw everyone talking and laughing but I didn’t know why so I continued on to the library. After I got my book I made my way back to class. As I walked into the class everyone just started to look at me like they were expecting something to happen.  I felt like something was going to happen to me but I didn’t know what. As I walked to my seat the class was still watched me like a vulture watching his prey. I positioned myself to sit and as I positioned myself to sit down, someone pulled my chair from behind me.  I fell hard on the ground on my butt. I immediately wanted to cry and yell at everyone for being so mean to me. Instead I started to laugh with everyone! Once they saw that I didn’t care about falling, everyone got over the joke. The moral to my story is to never let the unexpected throw you off your game. I’ve learned that if something like falling, or having a weird laugh or being of topic applies to who you are, I think it`s best to just embrace the moment and laugh about it. 16268292_25bf813afe_z

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