Enjoi 8.0 Skateboard Deck Review

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This one is for all the skateboarders out there who are looking for a new deck. Note this is just a review of the board not the other needed hardware to skate on or just to hang on your wall. The Enjoi Spectrum logo 8.0-team deck has so far been my favorite skateboard, and I’ve been skating for 4 years now. The Enjoi team model skateboard has the rainbow logo on the bottom of the deck. It’s made of 7-piles solid Canadian maple so its very hard to snap- I’ve tried multiple times with no success. This board has a width of 8 inches and a length of 31.75 inches so it’s easy to catch your flip tricks and land them with ease. This board has great pop and with its semi-small size the rotation is great. I recommend this size board for street skaters. If you do vert-basically skating in a bowl- I recommend the 8.25 version of this board. With this deck you get great control and it lasts a long time. I’ve skated with this deck for 5 months on a weekly basis and I still use it today. It has a slightly above average wheelbase but its not likely your trucks –basically the piece of metal that connects your wheels-will hang over the sides. So for you old school skaters who do those crazy tricks in primo when your skating on the side of the board this deck will work for you. The only thing bad about this deck is the graphic doesn’t last long so if you do a lot of board slides, but still want to be able to see a graphic after a week of use this board may not be for you. For those new skaters out there this deck isss for you but I recommend you get a pre-built version of it so you don’t have to go through the hassle of putting it all together. It seems simple but its really not. If you want to learn to skate I recommend you watch Braille skateboarding they do great things for the skate boarding community including teaching kids and adults how to learn to skateboard fast. Enjoi Zipper

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