‘Everybody Wants Some’ of this Movie

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Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 7.14.48 PMBy Maria

Today I’ll be reviewing the 2016 film, Everybody Wants Some directed by Richard Linklater. This movie is currently in theaters across America, having opened on March 30. 

Everybody Wants Some is your typical college movie but is special because it takes place in 1980; it’s about a team of baseball players that have to live together in one big house during the season. The movie takes place over one long weekend (leading up to the start of class) that consists of non-stop parties. Outside of this there isn’t much plot. We follow a freshman pitcher named Jake and his new friends that are on his team.

This story is very character driven and therefore lacks a storyline, while the jokes keep the movie interesting and funny, there are dips in mood. Other than this the movie is so much fun. You feel like you know the characters and want to hang out with them forever. 

I would recommend this film to anyone who loves the 80’s. Many people may not connect with this time and find it boring. But for those who love the era this is perfect.

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