Explosive C.I.A. Mission

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By Leon

I went to the movies with a group of people from Youth Radio. We went to see Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit. The movie is based on a C.I.A. mission that takes place in Moscow, Russia and Manhattan, New York. Viktor Cherevin, played by Kenneth Branagh is the villain that tries to take money from America and Jack Ryan played by Chris Pine is a C.I.A.  agent that finds out about Viktor’s plans and flies to Moscow to stop him in his tracks.

What I liked about the movie was that there were lots of special effects, especially  the explosion in the lake. I also liked the fact that the movie revolves around not having a second great depression. It’s smart  because I have never seen a movie about this idea. What I didn’t like would be Jack Ryan’s girlfriend Cathy Muller played by Keira Knightley. I didn’t like Cathy the character because she was corny. Actually I thought the whole movie was corny. The part I didn’t get was how the last action scene was stupid because Chris Pine was fighting in the back of the truck and the fact that the truck is driving  and no one was  driving it. The whole scene was fake and  cliche. But that’s just my opinion. The thing is that it’s a good movie for people who like the C.I.A. and investigation movies. But if you like C.S.I.  shows this is a movie for you. I would not see this movie again if you paid me but some of my colleagues liked it you might too.



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