F vs F (Finance vs Family)

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3007021227_7e5ed1bee4_oBy Nicolas

My family went through a hard time when my parents got divorced, but after a while we recovered and accepted our new life.  My relationship with my family is now strong and stable, but I will always remember the hard times we have been through. One of the struggles my family went through was financial. This is not unusual. The two most common causes for unstable relationships in families are finances and poor communication. My family is currently financially unstable; my mother is looking for a new job while my dad is abroad working for an international company. Many families are going through financial struggles, and in a financially struggling family, a child may find it hard to focus on their own current events such as education. I hope that families struggling financially will find it easier to support their children and talk frankly about what is happening.


1-    Are you aware of your family’s financial situation?

2-    How much should teens be aware of their family’s finance?

3-    Do you feel like finances affect how your family members relate to each other?

4-    What have you learned about money from your family?

5-    Do you feel that wealth would help your family’s relationship?

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