Fam Importance

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3565026821_8334971018_bIt’s December 17th, the day after my family and I have reached the house we are staying at with all of our extended family. My cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents, about 60 people, are all staying at the cabin for three nights.

My cousins, my siblings, and I are having the snowball fight of our lives. The snow is perfect. It’s fluffy, white, and there’s a lot of it. We are throwing snowballs at each other. Everyone is laughing, playing, and having an awesome time.

Inside the cabin people are sitting on the couches in front of the fireplace. The grown ups are chillin on the chairs in front of the big window taking in the view of the lake. Others are having a warm drink, treasuring the conversations, laughing, playing games, and enjoying the time they have with their family.

Every year my family meets up for this event. We have other events just as fun like when we meet up during Easter and during thanksgiving. We also meet up for a float down the Sacramento River to destroy the other rafts and picnic after we get off the water.

My family is really close. We all love spending time with each other and always look forward to the next family event. I’m really glad that I have a tight bond with my family. It’s nice to know that people are there for you and that you can always have someone to talk to.

As I grew older I began to realize how important my family was to me. I became aware that they are the only family I have and that they can’t be replaced.

If someone asked me who are the most important people in my life I would say my family. You only have the family you are given, don’t forget that.



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