Fame High Movie Review

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By Lovina

After watching Fame High, a spectacular dramatic documentary, I felt very inspired from the stories told. This movie takes place in Los Angeles, California. At Los Angeles County High School for The Arts (LACHSA), four teenagers, two freshmen, and two seniors, strive to follow their dreams. They deal with heartbreak, competition, and triumph. They work their hardest at becoming actors, singers, dancers, and, musicians.

This movie follows four teenagers with their social life, school life and at home life. They all had sacrificed so much of their time to be perfect, while they struggled and grew phenomenally. A scene from the movie that I really felt passionate about was when Zak, a former student at the high school, showed his whole class that he had really improved in his piano skills. I felt that he really took his teacher’s advice on practicing and focusing more. Zak is one student that I really connected with because he didn’t know if he wanted to be a piano player for himself or for his father. Then along the way Zak realized that playing the piano was his dream and that he was starting to become passionate about playing the piano. I thought his story was very interesting because I do stuff for people all the time without considering my own feelings or what it would cost me. In addition, I felt his story was very powerful and significant because he figured out that piano playing was his dream and not only his fathers.

A scene from the movie that I didn’t so much like was when Grace- another one of the students- parents’ told her she couldn’t date the boy that she really liked; they did not want her dating.  It bothered me because I felt that was really messed up that she couldn’t have a little fling because I believed she deserved a little fun between her hard work.

Overall the movie was very dramatic and interesting. Another one of the students from LACHSA was Brittany. When Brittany’s parents got her report card, and her grades were bad. Brittany’s parents were disappointed in her because they found out that she was ditching school to audition for music positions. The result of her ditching school was an intense conversation. At the end of the day I would watch Fame High once more and I would recommend it to anyone who loves inspirational documentaries.

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