Football Matters

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FootballBy Dylan

Playing football is a great experience, you gain great footwork and get a lot stronger. You learn that defense and hard work wins games. I’ve been playing football since I was 7, my first team was the East Bay Warriors and they taught me how to win. I played for them for 6 years and only lost 1 game. If you want to play football or a team sport I recommend it because you gain great friends and will to break out of your comfort zone. The East Bay Warriors taught me dedication, hard work, and the love of the game.

The best part of playing football is working as a team and seeing everything connect. When I played football for East Bay I gained great friendships that will last forever. Every game our team wore matching socks to show that we were a team. Even at practice if you didn’t wear black or red socks not only would you run but the whole team would have to run. Every game we were blowing the team out at halftime and they were playing music and we would all dance on the sideline and have a great time. The second half was nothing but fun we would dance in the endzone and we would just have a blast.

My performance on the field carried over to my high school team Saint Mary’s in Berkeley. One of the best high school teams in the Bay Area. I made a statement by playing for East Bay and scoring every time I touched the ball. So that set me up easy to pick a high school to continue my sports and be the best at my position. I love playing football because it’s a way I can relieve my stress. Playing football gave me great opportunities, I went to many college camps and they gave me a lot of letters of interest. I love playing football and I strive to be great and I’m willing to put the work in and it taught me I can do anything I put my mind to.


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