Gender Differences

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By Ajani

Most people associate some jobs with gender. So what do we consider female and male jobs? I go to Oakland Technical High School.  At my school we have academies that try to help you track your classes around a certain profession, I’m in the Computer Academy. In the whole Computer Academy, I’m one of twelve girls out of fifty students in my class. Though these numbers are obvious to me, it took my second, third, and fourth period class as long as 4 months to actually realize how few girls there are.  I think its sort of surprising that my class took a while to notice the amount of girls.

A friend of mine is in the Fashion Academy at my school, which is very opposite of the Computer Academy with females dominating and small amount of males. The Engineering Academy, Health Academy, and Biotech Academy are all more equal in terms of gender balance. I don’t like the fact that girls are not more involved in careers that they consider different from girly jobs or men dominated jobs. Women can bring new ideas to the table in these fields. My teacher brought up the point that in society the majority usually wont realize they are dominant because they are the majority they don’t worry about being different. I think society constantly is controlling peoples’ perceptions and ideas of what they want to do by saying that a certain profession is suppose to be for one gender. We are all equal and can all do the same jobs. I chose the Computer Science Academy because I wanted to explore a new field and learn something different. From the experience I want to tell other girls that this can be a really fun job.


Equality for Women

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