Getting through finals week

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School life, now a memory

So I know every one had finals this year and were probably stressed out. As was I, but this year I learned something. I learned that stressing and getting mad about all the work all the studying all the late nights doesn’t do anything good for you and is only goanna make you stress more.

Be cool, relax. Something that gets me through finals week is to just slow down take my time and just think. If you stress yourself too much you could lose all the information you stressed over and then you’re back where you started and you don’t want to forget everything when you’re sitting down taking that final.

I have learned to balance out things during the week. Don’t wait until the night before your final and try to cram four hours of studying as if you’re gonna learn something because once again you’re only gonna stress yourself out. Something I did to aid me in my struggle was studying for an hour every night and I know that doesn’t sound like much but one hour of full studying with no interruptions is a long time and you can get a ton of information into your stressed out head.

Do your body a favor and get enough sleep like I said before if you’re up all night cramming four hours of studying into your head you’re not gonna get anytime to sleep and trying to take a test while you can barley keep your eyes open is very difficult trust me, I’ve tried.

Remember food is your homie. A good breakfast will wake you up and give you the energy that you’re gonna need for the morning, you can even just throw some munchies in your backpack and munch on those during school. You don’t want to take a test on a empty stomach.

If you didn’t know staying based, keeping a positive lifestyle and attitude during finals week can really get you through it. In the end stressing out about finals wont really help because it’s really not that bad you just gotta get through it which is also a life goal because life is gonna throw challenges at you and stressing about them wont get them done the correct way or get them done at all.

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