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Google Doodle

By Richard

On August 19, 2014 in MATCH we took a field trip to Google. The bus picked us up from Youth Radio and drove us all through different places. I still remember seeing a farm and other things that I don’t usually see in Oakland. When I first got off the bus it felt like a College campus. We entered and they had a volleyball field set up in the center of the site. We met up with the person who was going to show us the Google campus. We went through the main building and saw a lot of people. We stopped by a café to get a snack and it was all free, we was so excited. We asked how many cafés there and they said on every floor and building. After touring around, finally the thing I was waiting for: the food. We entered the cafeteria  where they had all you can eat. There was all types of food including Mexican, Chinese , Japanese. It was a blast. We left the café full. After that we heard a guest talk about  how she made it to Google and what it takes to work at Google. After that we just looked at other little stuff. On our way back to the van we saw a lot of nice cars that’s what make me really want to work for Google. I really enjoyed the tour maybe one day you can too.


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