Great America

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Great America By Courtney

Recently I went to Great America with my family visiting from Arizona. We couldn’t decide what we’re all going to do to spend time together. Finally we had decided on Great America. Great America is an amusement park with rides, carnival games, water rides, and foods. This park is located in Santa Clara.

There are many pros and cons to this place but overall it is a great experience. A good thing about Great America is their rides, because they are very fun to most people. Even though all rides may not be open.  If you are not a person that likes roller coasters you have options such as, simple carnival games, and go kart racing. Now this isn’t a perfect amusement park it has its cons. Like for example if you are not a person who enjoys walking it is not for you because walking from ride to the next can be a mini mission. Also their customer service at some gift shops can be very slow. Their workers can be rude at times.

When going to great America I recommend you wear comfortable walking shoes. You will also need money for the concession stand. If your are planning to go to Boomerang Bay which is the water park on the inside of Great America I suggest you bring clothes you don’t mind getting wet and a jacket if you stay late. Great America is a great amusement park to go to.  If you are looking for summer time fun or a family day, this is the place for you.


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