GTA 5 Review

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By Martin RGTA 5 Oyna.

Grand Theft Auto is a video game series created by David Jones and Mike Daily in 1997  and developed and published by Rockstar North. Grand Theft Auto takes place in American based cities like New York City and Los Angeles. The maps are very big giving you the ability to participate in many activities.  In the game you have the option to participate in missions. Or free roam and do what ever you chose.  On September 17, 2013 Rockstar released Grand Theft Auto Five the tenth game in the Grand Theft Auto series. Being one of the most antisipated games in gaming history Grand Theft Auto broke seven world records and braught in over 800 million dollars the first day and over one billion dollars the first weekend. Taking place in Los Santos or modern day Los Angeles, you have the option to play as three characters. Michael, a former bank robber who lives in a mansion with his disfunctonal family. Trevor, a former air force pilot who settled in a scummy trailor park or Franklin, a young gangster. The plot focuses on the three characters coming together and their rise to the top of the the crime scene. Im not much of a gamer but I absolutly loved the game. Everything from the story line to the mechanics on the game are outstanding.  I can definitely say that it lived up to its high expectations.  In my opinion, Grand Theft Auto Five is the best of the Grand Theft Auto sceries and defanatly the best game I’ve ever played.


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