Guaymas: Stunning Views, Satisfying Food, Subpar Service — Review

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By Mali

3211064363_9b9916bce5_zI arrived at the restaurant Guaymas located in Tiburon, CA with my mom, best friend, and her mom primed in a positive way due to the words of my mom who informed me of her extravagant dining experience years ago.  She raved of the delicious food and spectacular waterfront views; however, I am sad to say that the restaurant she was once so impressed by was quite vanilla.

All was well within the first five minutes of our dining experience. We were seated at a table near the window, which allowed us to enjoy the waterfront views. Our waiter, who seemed nice enough, promised us tortilla chips.  Things slowly went sour when our server was absent for a good twenty minutes despite there being few people in the restaurant. In that time we caught glimpses of our waiter chit-chatting with his fellow staff members. My friend’s mother grew impatient and waved down what looked to be the manager and informed him of our experience, which had thus far been sub-par.  He apologized profusely and proceeded to track down our waiter, who had gone completely a-wall. He also delivered the tortilla chips, guacamole, and salsa that we ordered.  The chips were warm but otherwise average at best; however, the salsa and guacamole were tasty. We later learned that the guacamole was a tad bit overpriced at ten dollars.  Our server then emerged with a semi-apologetic look on his face that was accompanied with a smile. We ordered our food and received it in a reasonable amount of time.  I ordered the caritas hot plate, which came with rice, beans and a flour tortilla (and an option of corn). My plate was not hot, in fact it was probably closer to luke warm; however, the flavor and texture of everything was delicious (especially the caritas) and the tortilla was warm.  My best friend informed me that her tamales were pleasingly moist. Our moms, who both ordered the tacos, said that they were good, nothing special, but solid.

To sum it up, I would say the major pro that Guaymas has to offer is the waterfront view from which the San Francisco skyline is visible. Furthermore, they serve tasty mexican food that is sure to satisfy. I would say the major drawback of this establishment is the poor service.

I would recommend dining here if you are looking to have a solid dining experience food wise; however, if you are bothered by poor service I would look elsewhere.  

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