Gun Violence in The Bay Area

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Enforce the LawBy DJhonnay

In the Bay Area, there’s a whole lot of gun violence . The current laws against firearms are that you must have a concealed permit in order to obtain a gun, this law is definitely ineffective. Every time you watch the news, there’s someone getting shot here, someone getting shot there. On Wednesday, there were two separate shootings in Oakland. Both of them were women and both of them died. It’s so sad to see our city killing each other when in reality we should be standing by each other’s side.

According to Oakland Mofo, there’s been 23 homicides containing gun violence in 2016 and we’ve just hit the half mark of the year. For our sake, I would hope that no one else loses their life due to shootings.

Guns should be illegal all around! I don’t believe in the restrictions they supposedly have on them because it doesn’t limit anybody. According to Concealed Nation, every 1 in 20 adults has a concealed permit, although that does not mean the other 19 doesn’t have a gun whatsoever. So many people in the Bay Area has unregistered guns so we should extinct them all around

  • How do you guys feel about the gun violence that’s occurring in the Bay Area?
  • Have you had an experience with gun violence?
  • How does gun violence affect the community?
  • Do you believe that the laws against guns are productive in any way?
  • Do you know personally know some who owns a gun? How do you feel about it?
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