An Anniversary Not Worth Attending

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8162276332_2f26a781c5_zBy Nadia Thomas

A couple of days ago I heard about the new Halo game, Halo: Anniversary.  Now, I have been playing the Halo games for roughly eight years. I started playing them when I was seven and soon became addicted to the whole series.

The games follow a genetically modified soldier named John, aka Sierra 1-1-7, aka the Master Chief. John fights aliens, which are trying to take over the Halo rings. The aliens range from the covenant to the flood.

To compensate for all the games being on one disc, the game developers had to rearrange the controls. Meaning that the Halo fans that have been playing the Halo games for the past nine years have to relearn the controls. The new controls weren’t completely different from the original, but this made the whole experience irritating.

I believe that this takes away from the nostalgic feeling that they were trying to create for you. And if you really want to feel nostalgic you should just go back and play the originals separately. That way you won’t have to relearn anything, and still, get that reminiscing feeling. But if you do want to relearn the controls, and you do want the whole game on one disc, then buy it and play away.

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