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By Myonshanae

A career panel was held at Youth Radio and organized by the Health Department on March 6, 2014. The panel was titled Health Careers Panel: Young Health Professionals. On the panel there was 7 individuals that work professionally in health. They talked about things ranging from their careers, the universities they attended, things they regret, and the struggles they faced on their way to success.

I believe the point of this exposition was to show the youth that no matter how bad your start is, you will always succeed in life if you can push yourself without giving up. Although it may be challenging to hold on to your vision you must observe and establish relationships, while maintaining professionalism. Many of the panelists went to universities after high school. I admired one in particular. Shannon Singleton-Banks went to a university and got her masters and majored in Behavioral Health. I feel like I understood what she was saying the most because we share the same ambition. She said ‘who you know will get your foot in the door, but what you know will move you forward’ and it made me realize a lot of the potential and opportunities I have in front of me today.

This panel was important    to me in many ways. Considering the fact that I’m currently struggling in school, and have struggled a lot in the past, them telling me there’s always hope and a chance for me to succeed really boosted my self-confidence. If it had such a huge impact on me, then I could just imagine the impact they would have on kids that actually need them and their words of wisdom.

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