Health in the Making

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By Samir

Youth Radio recently held a Health Career Panel on March 6, 2014 in their Body, Mind and Health Center. The panel consisted of 7 health professionals who work around the Bay Area. They shared their stories of struggling in life and making it to jobs in the health industry. They all had a similar story. The panelists talked about being inspired by TV shows, movies, and first hand experiences that made them want to join the health field. One of the panelists, Jayme, decided to turn her life around after seeing friends of hers die one by one before her eyes. She then decided that Health is what she wants to do because every time a friend of hers died, she did not know what to do. “Everyone wants to mold you into a certain type of way. Be you and be humble” is one of many inspirational quotes from Jayme that day.


Shannon on the other hand, another panelist, has a sister who was diagnosed with breast cancer. This made her want to be a public health  communicator for family’s and help them deal with ways to cope with illness in general but breast cancer as well. She even hosts yearly events for breast cancer at her house to spared the word and educate people on it in honor of her sister.


Audience member from Youth Radio Mikey, said his favorite part about this panel was them being able to share their personal stories  of how they overcame their struggles and how inspirational they were.


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