High School Easier With a Sibling?

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d0d5b0b92a8f682e65ef983b9a033cffWhen I first set foot on the campus of Oakland Technical High School it was just over a month ago. It was a big step up from my middle school, Claremont Middle School. For some perspective my middle school was around 500 kids. The freshmen class at my high school is about the same size. At Tech there is about 2000 kids. At first I was worried. How will I find my classes? Will I have any of my friends from middle school in my classes? Why is it so BIG?

But, after my older sister assured me that everything would be fine. She showed me where my classes were and how to get to my classes fast. My sister told me that the work was a lot more important in high school. My sister Lucy is 16 and a poet. We get  along sometimes but often times we argue. The workload made me really nervous. After the first week or so I knew I was fine. I was worried when I started to slip in algebra when I found out I had and F. She helped me with my homework and helped me study.  I guess my sister was right about the work load.

As the weeks went past I pulled my grade back up. Having a sister at Tech helped me with the grades and the knowledge about what to expect. If I didn’t have that I think I would still be struggling. I am grateful that I have a sibling at the school but in a year I might struggle more.

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