High School is so Hard

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another testing out new filter at my old high school
Another testing out new filter at my old high school.

By Jazon

High school is so hard. It’s so stressful and also judgmental. Everyday you have to wake up early just to figure out what you’re going to wear, just to impress your friends. Most teens feel they have to wear expensive clothes and jewelry just to fit in. Teens nowadays are so materialistic that they can remember the day a pair of Jordans came out but not remember vocabulary words or something a teacher has told them.  High school is also filled with a lot of peer pressure such as skipping school and drug use, and to me that is just a recipe for disaster. If you skipping school your missing out on work and if your using drugs your killing your brain cells and you’re going to fall behind. And then when friends are not judging you, your teachers are judging you. They judge you on how fast you can read book or how well you can do math problems, and this isn’t a fair way to evaluate a person’s intelligence. High school is the make or break point in your life because the choices you make basically decide your future. I been down the road of falling behind in classwork and homework and I started to see people struggle in life and I realized that’s not what I want to be or do with my life so I got myself together because I know when the time is to come for graduation I don’t want to be on the sideline watching my friends graduate with out me but that’s why I made an effort to change for the better.

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