I Have Seen What The Eyes Shouldn’t See

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Silence the Violence

I was scared when I was at Bushrod Recreation Center in North Oakland playing basketball with my cousins (shoutout Mogut and Hambone). I shot the ball, missed it off the rim and it rolled out the gym door. Then I saw two men arguing with this guy about money he owe’s them. They give each other a little head nod and one man pulls out a gun to shoot the other in the leg, took his money, chain, and shoes. I got my cousins we left to go get some Taco Bell.

In the last 6 months, there were eight gun related crimes in the area one mile from the park, according to crimemapping.com who gets their data from police reports. That’s why I don’t go there anymore.

I see violence in Oakland often. Those guys got away. I never told any police or adults in my life because I didn’t want be their next victim or I put your family in danger. I would like more police or adults in the area so I could feel more safe.

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