I’m Marco And I’m From Cuba

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By Marco

I’m Marco and I was born in Cuba. After Cuba, I moved to Spain. And I moved here from Spain 1 year and a half ago. Since then, I’ve been living with my father (who can be described as an American with American kind of parenting traditions). I moved here because my father wanted to spend some time with me.

hambericaHere in the U.S. everything is a rush. Here schools are way more diverse than the rest of the countries I’ve studied. Also schools are more opened in terms of what classes you can take. Classes are easier here and tests are less stressful. On the bad part, parties here, in my opinion, are not as great as they are in Spain. Also, nightlife here is short. By law, bars and clubs have to be closed at 2 AM. In Spain parties are on the streets and music doesn’t stop until 9 AM of the day after the party started. Finally, in Spain, I used to live in small towns where everyone knew everything about everyone. If someone farted, everyone knew about it. Because of that, crime never was a big thing to worry about. On the other hand, here, people don’t know even their neighbours. Crime IS a big deal here. It is true that one should always be careful, but here you have to pay that little extra attention so nothing happens.

U.S. is a really interesting place to live. Here, you can develop the best of yourself due to the natural competitive attitude of the country. In Cuba there is no such a thing competition, at least it doesn’t start at the same point that it starts here and surely not with the same intensity. Why would you work hard if you are going to get paid the same as a baker? The main bad thing that I can point about the U.S., and just because is the thing that I dislike the most, is the hurry that people have for everyone. Some people that I know even like it. “Everyone has something to do all the time and that’s why they are in a hurry,” they say. I think that‘s not something to be proud of. There is nothing more beautiful than to be riding you bike and stop just to stare at a beautiful blossoming tree in the morning.

I recomend this country to the people who want to have a bigger chance of improving professionally.


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