Interns Take It To The Streetz

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People choose their clothes trying to communicate who they are, taking into consideration where they’re going and who they are going to be around. I, Amarion, wanted to talk about appearance and how people switch up their style. In this blog you will find people in suits, casual clothes and random pieces I probably wouldn’t have put together. 

We walked around Downtown Oakland and found people who made interesting style choices. We asked questions about certain pieces of clothing they were wearing and what made them wear that specific item. We then took a quick flick of them to showcase their street style!

The most interesting part was approaching people that had different personalities, colors, and ethnicities.

This project has made me take the way I dress into consideration because I want people to understand me based on who I am, not what I wear.


Zak the Motorcyclist

“Honestly the first I thought was like, “oh, I can get away with not ironing this. It conceals wrinkles pretty well.”

–Zak, 27, Richmond


MarissaI just like to stand out and be noticed. I mean the way you dress is a personal expression. I hope you can be like, “oh she’s creative, she puts some thought into it, or she’s interested in that kind of stuff.” “

–Marissa, 21


NinonIt’s really nice being young and dressing a certain way that you know you’re not going to be able to once you’re in [the] career world.”

–Ninon, 22



It’s terrible having no hair, it’s too cold.”

–Shane, 21, Oakland


Close Up On the Design

“You look better matching, I just wanna look good.”

–Keontay, 15 , Oakland


Jack Sitting in the Park

I think about where I’m going, what the attire might be, what might be expected there, what type of crowd I’m going to be around.”

–Jack, 33 , Oakland


John the Hip Tech Guy

“I think I am a hip tech guy. I choose my outfits by what I’m doing that day. When I’m dressing for work, mix of nice top or bottom but still casual.” 

–John, 55, Berkeley



“I think about who I’m going to be seeing and be around people my age, older, or younger and I want to put on a certain impression.”

–Yasmene, 18, Oakland



“I am one in a million and my style is my style. It’s what makes me unique and stand out in front of a crowd. You’ll never see nobody dressed like me!”

Thomas27, Hayward




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