Is It Okay To Swear In Front Of Children?

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Mother and ChildBy Morgan

Monica Bielanko, who has written other articles on being a mother, wrote an article called “I Swear In Front Of My Children And Don’t Give A Damn” which was posted on Babble 11 months ago. By the name of the article, Monica may sound like a bad parent. But she backs herself by stating that studies show that the average person swears as much as they use plural pronouns like us and we. She also says that cursing as some of you may know, can help alleviate pain.

This article has many positive comments and a poll which asked, Do you swear in front of your kids? A total of about 17,000 people took this poll and the majority, about 50% said yes, while about 30% said they did occasionally, 4% said no, and 7% said they never swear.

Depending on the context of the word, I think swearing in front of your kid is fine as long as you don’t swear excessively and that you teach your children that these words are meant for grown ups and that they shouldn’t use them until they are old enough.


What’s your outlook on cursing in front of children, even if it’s a way to relieve stress from something like stubbing your toe or stepping on a lego?

How do you react when you see people curse in front of their children?

Does your mom or dad curse in front of you in casual conversation?

How do you feel about your own parents cursing in front of you in casual conversation?

Do you think it’s appropriate for parents to curse in front of their children as long as they teach the children their restrictions?

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