Jack Ryan: Semi-Successful Remake

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By Myonshanae

12144737645_7bf432ddce_oI recently watched “Jack Ryan Shadow Recruit” at Jack London Cinema Theatre. The movie has many distinguishing characters. The main character, Jack Ryan, played by Chris Pine, studied at London School of Economics during the events of 9/11. Afterwards, he then dedicated his life to his country by joining the Marines, where he was seriously injured. While in a rehab facilitation, Jack was hired by a C.I.A. agent and assigned to a job in Moscow.

Through out the movie, there wasn’t a lot of action. In many scenes of the movie, I could predict what was going to happen, making it very cliché and typical. My personal opinion of the movie is that it could have been more dramatic and had a lot more mystery to it. After the movie, it made me think about the original film, comparing all the differences and similarities. Overall, I liked the movie; it was a classic idea for an action movie about a spy struggling between keeping his job a secret and doing his job as a C.I.A. agent.

 The movie may not have been as popular as the first had been, or as exciting, or adventurous but if your okay with classics then, I would highly recommend this movie for you.

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