Jack Ryan Shadow Recruit Review

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"Jack Ryan Shadow Recruit"

By James

Jack Ryan Shadow Recruit is an action thriller that follows a Wall Street executive who secretly works for the C.I.A. His double life gets complicated when he gets an order to go to Moscow to uncover a terrorist attack on the United States’ economy. I really liked that it’s an action pack thriller because there was a lot of unexpected scenes with shootings and explosions. The setting of the movie was not just in America but Russia, which made the movie better because you got to see Moscow, which is the capitol of Russia. I liked that Jack Ryan’s girlfriend was willing to get involved with any danger that he came across in the movie. I like that the ending left us with a curiosity of a possible sequel. What I didn’t like about this movie was that it seemed like a typical spy movie. This movie was too predictable. I was able to guess each scene that was going to happen next. I also did not like the story line of the movie where Jack Ryan goes from being a student, to the army, to working as a spy for the C.I.A. Despite how typical this spy movie is, I would still recommend this movie to watch.


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