Koi Sushi Boat

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Good food is getting hard to find. There are still a couple of places where food is worth the price however. A couple days ago as I was waiting for the Star Wars film to begin, my brother took me to this very interesting restaurant called Koi Sushi Boat in Union City.

Koi Sushi Boat The counter had boats floating around in water, and on top of these boats were plates of sushi that looked amazing. At this point, I had never eaten sushi before, but this looked like something worth eating. The waiter came a couple minutes later and poured us some hot tea that complemented the food. Once I finished the tea, I asked to see what other beverages they had. They had many drinks, but I decided to drink coke. The coke was brought to me like a minute later. The waiter kept on coming around to check in on us and to see if we needed anything else.

Everything about this place was very good, the food was fresh, the service was fast, and the waiters were nice. The only con about this place is that I could not see a credit/debit card payment option. Other than that everything was great. The sushi was delicious, and I can tell you it was worth the cost.

Koi Sushi Boat is a place that I recommend. I really encourage everyone around the South Bay to give this place a try because it is one of the only places left that sells food that you won’t get tired of any time soon. I will personally go to this restaurant again, and I hope a place just like this opens up closer to my home soon.

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