Life Is A Risk

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10196497284_6e67bfca35_kby Dominic

I wonder if has anyone ever wondered how it feels like, to risk your life and everything you got, just to have a better life in a different place?

I came to the United States by plane, in 2011. My parents got here differently. It is really hard and sad to hear their stories about everything they had to pass through to get in the united states. My father crossed the desert and rode a train that is famous by the name of “la bestia”; in English would be called “the beast”. My father always wanted a better education for me and my brother, so he risked his life to give us that opportunity.

My mom also wanted the same thing so she did what my father did. She walked in the desert for 3 weeks with almost no water and food. She was with a group of 20 people and after the long trip only 10 made it to the u.s. my mother told me that some of the people just got tired and they refused to keep walking. My mom said that there was a woman that was behind her and by the time she looked back the woman was not there anymore. Patrol police found her body 4 days later. She was only recognized by a bracelet she was wearing because her body was unrecognizable.

According to the U.S. Census, 40,000 Guatemalans immigrate to the U.S. every year.

People should hear how and why other people risk their lives to come to the United States for their families wanting a better future.

I felt very sad when I heard my parents stories and I thank them a lot by doing a lot of things for us and I thank them every day.



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