Life’s Too Short Justin

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By Justin

Of the 10 months, 180 days, 6 hours a day at school, the only thing on my mind is summer. Shorts, no shirt, no socks. Summer. No school, no worries, no teachers. Summer.

In the summer I’m a beast that finally broke his chain. I am free from a government funded hell hole and all devils minions. It’s the greatest time of the year but then I started noticing … during the school day I’m always trying to make time go faster.

Days go by in snap, weeks turn into months, then next thing you know, summer is there. For two months, I can do what ever I want, whenever I want. Right when I wake up it’s an adventure waiting to happen. Memories I’ll be talking about later down the road are being created now. It’s all fun and games, but then the bummer of school comes back to mind.

Why am I letting school hold me back? I’m living in a rush and taking all the small things for granted because I don’t think that it’s a part of the big picture. Trying to capture that makes me forget the elegance of focusing on all the really sweet small stuff that makes up this big picture I strive for.

Time flies and if you live in a world where you’re just trying to make the days go by faster, you’ll miss the small things in life. Just waking up in the morning to see a new day is a blessing itself. Embrace and appreciate the world around you. As Ferris Bueler said, “Life moves pretty fast. And if you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it”.Stress

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