Listen To Your Heart

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Finding love in the city might be hard but once you find it, it's trueBy Liz:

I just watched a movie directed by Matt Thompson called Listen to Your Heart released on May 4, 2011, Danny played by Kent Moran, is passionate about music. Day by day his mission is to have his music be heard by the world. Working as a waiter in a New York restaurant, a beautiful young women walks in. He approaches her, ready to take her order. At that moment Danny falls in love with Ariana; a high class girl played by Alexia Rasmussen. When Ariana leaves the restaurant Danny writes his phone number and gives it to her. She smiles and leaves. Ariana is deaf, but Danny didn’t let that get in his way.

Ariana inspires Danny to write music and also teaches her how to feel and live in the music. Everything is so beautiful in the beginning but Ariana’s mom makes sure to break them apart. Ariana had been controlled all her life she never had the chance to celebrate her 21st birthday. Danny then took her to a bar and made sure she had the drinks of her life. The next day Danny heard her wake up and took her a pill and a cup of water. She looked at him with a huge smile and giggled as she covered her face with a pillow. When they both seem to be happy their relationship starts to take a turning point. Danny has been notified that he has cancer. Ariana doesn’t leave Danny’s side and they fight it together.

It happens to be that Danny has encouraged Ariana to get a Cochlear implant. That same day Ariana gets her hearing back and Danny loses his battle. If you’re into romantic films this movie will definitely make you shed a tear. The way the writer organized each scene will amaze you on the way how it was well thought out. However, it might make you angry because the ending is not what you might expect. If you watch this movie I can assure you that you will begin to appreciate your five senses and your healthy life. Unlike Ariana and Danny.


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