UNTOLD: Live and Learn

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This visual art piece is a part of Lit Mag: The UNTOLD Issue

I feel like graffiti art isn’t really talked about too much amongst the artistic community.  In Oakland, graffiti is very prevalent yet their stories are largely untold, mainly because of it’s illegality.  Graffiti is a very interesting art form because it operates mysteriously behind the scenes and no one ever knows who the artist actually is.  All we know is their name and their unique artistic style.

Rico Washington was born and raised in Oakland, California. He graduated from Encinal HS, June 2016. Rico has been working at Youth Radio for 2 years now, learning and teaching music production. He got into graffiti art in elementary after being introduced to it by an after-school program helper. His art expresses his life; his efforts to remain positive, take big steps and grow in mind and body. What makes his art unique is the fact that he knows how to use his own mind and be one with himself; not letting others seriously influence him or alter his thinking in a negative way.


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